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What makes PFF special?

We are told it is addictive, frustrating and exciting in equal measure. Perhaps the best part is that you are competing against real life football fans. Many of our current members have been playing the game for several years so we must be doing something right!


How do I play the game?

As soon as you have signed up you will be able to select the game(s) you wish to join and the team(s) you wish to manage. Once appointed manager - you must select your team, choose the tactics and training etc. You will be responsible for buying and selling players and may want to check out the other clubs in the game to see which players you would like to bring in. You will set the expenditure and must ensure your club does not get into financial difficulties. In short you are responsible for the success or failure of your team.



In PFF there are 20,000+ real world players from clubs throughout UK, Europe and around the world. PLUS - you can suggest a new player to be added to your game every turn.


Buying and selling players

We know that buying and selling players can be one of the most exciting aspects of the game. In PFF there are three different ways to do this: 1) Bidding market sales, 2) Buying players from OTL (Outside The League) - there are 1000s of such players in every game, 3) Negotiated transfers - directly negotiated with other managers in the game.


Identify an underated player (by preset criteria based upon international caps), upgrade the player , and then sell the player on at a profit. Or keep the upgraded player in your squad.


What kind of matches are played?

LEAGUE: There are 12 teams in each division so you play a total of 22 league games each season.


CUP: All teams take part in two cup competitions (Super Cup and Challenge Cup). From season two onwards teams which have won cups (Super and Challenge)/divisions in the previous season take part in the DC Cup.


FRIENDLIES: Each team can play one friendly game per turn.


Dont take our word for it

Just take a look at the FORUMS (please note that not all of the forums will be visible until you have signed up).


See for yourself the excitement as transfer deals are hammered out and friendly tournaments arranged. Of course there is always plenty of good humoured banter. If you are unsure of anything after you join you will find lots of experienced members willing to give help and advice.

Play every day (if you want to)

Each game is run once per week on a weekday - many of our members play in a different game every day (some in more than one a day) so there is always something happening - always a deal to be had somewhere.


Although no games run on the week-end the forums are still busy with managers arranging deals.

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